Custom Software Solutions

Custom App Development and Integrations for Microsoft Teams Phone System

Custom Application Integration and Development Services

Our services team has the knowledge and expertise to give you the most out of Teams Phone System with custom software integration and development. Whether you need a CRM “screen pop”, require customized workflows, or need to integrate with your mission critical business systems - we've got the tools to help you.

The Business Challenge

Seldom do software solutions meet all business requirements “out-of-the-box”. This usually means that companies have to choose between modifying their business processes to accommodate the software package or spend far more than anticipated to customize the solution to support their business.


The Solution: MaxGroups for Teams

Altigen’s Professional Services team has the knowledge and experience to quickly assess your requirements and build or customize a solution that meets your unique business requirements.  From simple “tweaks to the system” to complete custom communications applications, our team will deliver. 

Customized Solutions for Teams Phone System

AI Chat Bots

AI Chat Bots

 Interact with your customers 24 x 7 with our intelligent, conversational chat bots which can also escalate to a live agent

Integrated Screen Pop

CRM / ERP Integration

Inbound screen pops, click to dial, and custom call routing based on information in your CRM or ERP database

Caller Auth

Caller Authentication

Improve security and reduce fraud with our patented authentication process, prior to answering the call

MacGroups Icon

Priority Customer Routing

Improve customer service by routing high priority customers to the best available agent – even placing them 1st in queue

Post Call Survey

Post Call Survey

Create and route callers, based on your business rules, to fully customized post call surveys

Open API

Open APIs

Utilizing our open API set we can connect to virtually any system to enhance your call processing

Customer Use Scenario – Custom Software Solutions

When ABC Limited merged with XYZ Unlimited, the newly combined company standardized on Teams Phone System – and turned to Altigen to integrate and modernize their communications processes.

  • To improve call handling efficiency, Altigen deployed it’s Intelligent Call Router to query the CRM database, determine the caller’s customer status, then route those calls to a designated call queue based on the customer’s priority status, and include a CRM screen pop to improve agent productivity.
  • The company’s sales team had also been manually inputting customer credit card information into its order entry system.  Altigen built an integration between the order entry system and PayMeNow, an online credit card processing service, allowing customers to input their credit card numbers directly into the system without manual intervention, thereby satisfying the company’s PCI compliance requirements.

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