Intelligent Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams Phone System

A Smarter Direct Routing Solution

SmartSIP is a fully integrated Direct Routing SIP Trunk solution for Teams Phone System, incorporating our intelligent rules engine to optimize inbound call routing. SmartSIP can be used standalone with Teams Phone System, or in combination with Microsoft Calling Plans, depending on your requirements.

A Complete Managed Service

Our end-to-end services include: planning, number porting, provisioning, testing and ongoing support.

We’ll manage the entire process of SIP trunk service deployment and integration with Teams Phone System, or assist customers and partners doing their own deployments.

Either way our team of VoIP experts will ensure rapid service delivery, a smooth transition, and no service disruptions.

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SmartSIP for Teams Phone System

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Direct Routing

Cost Effective SIP Trunks (Teams Direct Routing) with intelligent, advanced call routing


Management Portal

Simple web interface for easy porting, provisioning and configuration of SIP trunks

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Enhanced 911

SmartSIP automatically reports the telephone number and the location of 911 calls made

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Global Numbers

Choose and provision local, toll free and international numbers quickly and easily

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Flexible Service Plans

Choose from an unlimited per user plan or a cost effective per minute plan, whichever suits you best

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Built In Security

TLS/SRTP provides end-to-end encryption from desktop phones to the PSTN

Customer Scenario – SmartSIP Direct Routing

The Wonder Widget Company, with multiple offices in the United States and Canada, wanted to first route all calls to HQ, regardless of location dialed to more efficiently handle calls via centralized service departments – with calls centrally serviced then sent to the branch offices.

After implementing SmartSIP:

  • Each office has its own DID number, with all calls first routed by SmartSIP to corporate HQ, then connected to centralized service departments, if applicable, resulting in improved customer service.
  • Wonder Widget has also configured SmartSIP to route all calls from overdue customers to Collections, regardless of the individual or department requested, which has significantly reduced DSO.
SmartSIP Business Example Diagram

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