Intelligent Call Router

Configurable, Data Directed Advanced Call Routing for Microsoft Teams Phone System

Streamline Inbound Call Routing and Queuing

Intelligent Call Router (ICR) is an inbound call management application automating call routing based on data collected from the call detail record or from information input by the caller.  ICR is natively integrated with the SmartSIPTM Direct Routing service and can also be used in conjunction with other certified Direct Routing solutions.

The Business Challenge

The Business Challenge

Many organizations need to route calls based on their unique business requirements, such as:

  • Dynamic call routing based on Caller ID
  • Routing by time of day (e.g., follow the sun)
  • Priority customer routing
  • Location-based routing

- or a host of other routing conditions based on individual caller data attributes.

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In the absence of Intelligent Call Router, customers have had no real alternative but to deploy expensive contact center technologies to address these types of advanced call routing requirements.

The Solution: Intelligent Call Router for Teams

The Intelligent Call Router rules-based engine extends the functionality of corporate Auto Attendants with advanced call routing capabilities without the complexity and expense associated with other solutions.

Intelligent Call Router for Teams Phone System

Location Routing

Always route calls to the right department or branch office based on caller data.

Look Ahead Routing

Dynamically re-route valuable customer calls if the requested person or department is busy or unavailable. 

Caller ID Routing

Route calls to any designated individual, department or location based on Caller ID.

Exception Routing

Route calls to a specified person or department based on your exception conditions.

Data Directed Routing

Configure unlimited routing rules which are processed based on specific data entered by the caller.

Integrated Screen Pop

Improve productivity and customer service by automatically delivering a screen pop with a customer call.

Customer Scenario – Intelligent Call Router

Contoso Company offers three levels of support to it's customers - Gold, Silver and Bronze - in order to route customers to the appropriate support group to meet its Service Level Agreement.

With Intelligent Call Router (ICR):

  • When customers call the Contoso Customer Support number, prior to the call being answered, ICR first inspects the Caller ID then performs a lookup in Contoso’s Dynamics 365 database. If there is a Caller ID match the caller is automatically routed to the appropriate support group.
  • If there is no match, the call is answered and the caller is asked to input their customer number. Based on the support level indicated in Dynamics 365, the caller is routed to the appropriate support group.
ICR Business Example Diagram

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