Workgroup Call Routing and Queuing for Microsoft Teams Phone System

Easy to Manage Workgroup Call Routing

MaxGroups enables managers to easily configure and manage call routing and queuing rules for their departments or workgroups. The integrated reporting module further enables managers to ensure that every call is answered in a timely fashion.

The Business Challenge

Virtually every organization needs to route inbound calls to workgroups or departments requested by the caller.  However, setting up and maintaining those call groups usually means involving the IT department – and waiting in line for the IT backlog.

On top of that, once call groups are set up, there is little if any management reporting to ensure that departmental objectives or service levels are being met.


The Solution: MaxGroups for Teams

MaxGroups provides a simple, cost effective way to route, queue, and manage all of your departmental or workgroup call activity.  Summary and detail reporting enable you to make sure your department’s calls are answered timely and efficiently.

MaxGroups for Teams Phone System

Easy Administration

Web-based administration for easy set up, configuration and management of call routing rules.

CRM Screen Pop

Click to dial from a CRM record to make outbound calls with automatic CRM screen pop for inbound calls.

Flexible Call Routing

Balance employee workloads by routing calls based on job function, priority and availability.

Call Recording

Integrated module enables all workgroup calls to be recorded and securely stored.


Summary and detail call activity reporting including customer wait times and employee talk times.

Cloud or On Prem

MaxGroups can be deployed with Skype for Business on premises or in the cloud for Teams

Customer Scenario – Workgroup Call Routing

Virtuoso, a multi-line computer products distributor, sells its products over the telephone via a dedicated inside sales team for each product line.  Not having the requirements, or budget, for a “full blown” Contact Center solution, Virtuoso still needed to quickly route customer calls to the appropriate sales teams – otherwise business may be lost.

By deploying MaxGroups for Teams:

  • When calling the Sales Order line, the caller is requested to input their customer number and product category of interest, which MaxGroups uses to route the caller to the designated sales group.
  • In addition, if the Dynamics 365 customer record indicates the caller is a Tier 1 customer, that call is prioritized by MaxGroups, sending that important customer to “the front of the line”.
  • MaxGroups also enables Virtuoso sales managers to track performance metrics, such as number of calls received, time to answer, and talk time – at both the workgroup and agent levels.
VoiceforTeam MaxGroups

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