Phased Migrations

Integrating your on premises PBX to Microsoft Teams Phone System

Integrate your PBX with Teams Phone System

We offer migration planning, implementation and support services for companies requiring a phased migration  to Teams Phone System.  Having more than 20 years of experience developing, supporting and integrating with PBX systems our team of experts deliver solutions based on our customers’ unique business requirements. 

The Business Challenge

Virtually every organization needs to route calls to appropriate workgroups or departments.  However this usually means involving the IT department to set up and maintain the call groups.  On top of that, there is little to no reporting for managers to ensure that service levels are being met without blowing the budget on a formal contact center solution.

Common considerations, challenges and issues include:

  • Can Teams Phone System completely replace my on premises PBX?
  • Teams does not include Contact Center functionality, what are my options here?
  • How do I deal with existing IP phones which have not been fully depreciated?
  • Can I use my current telco provider with Teams or are there other options available?
  • My company needs to migrate to Teams over time, how do I integrate my PBX users with Teams users?

The Solution: Altigen’s Migration Services

Altigen can work with your current Microsoft 365 reseller or directly with you, to support your phased migration objectives.  We deliver Direct Routing solutions, PBX integration services, advanced applications (such as Contact Center), complete deployment services, training and support.

PBX Integration Solutions for Teams Phone System


Hybrid Deployment

Begin deploying users on Teams, fully integrated with your PBX users, until your migration is complete

IM Presence

IM & Presence

All users (PBX and Teams) are able to use the O365 Teams app for enterprise-wide IM & Presence

SmartSIP Icon


Deploy our SIP trunks with your current PBX and Teams for a cost effective, seamless user experience


Cloud Contact Center

Enable your current PBX system integrated with our hosted Contact Center for Teams solution

Extension Dialing

Extension Dialing

Current PBX and Teams users connect via extension dialing to smooth the migration effort


Skype for Business

 Companies using Skype on premises  can leverage our Cloud for a phased migration to Teams Phone System

Customer Use Scenario – A Phased Migration Strategy

After evaluating multiple Cloud-based Unified Communications solutions, The Jane Doe Company selected Microsoft Teams Phone System to replace their current LandTel PBX system.  Having dozens of regional offices plus an on premises Contact Center, the company needed to migrate to Teams in phases.

  • Altigen’s Professional Services team designed a plan for JDC to first deploy Teams for all employees, enterprise-wide, improving collaboration and getting the employees familiar with the new Teams UI.


  • Next, based on JDC’s requirement to migrate one regional office per week to Teams Phone System, Altigen developed integration between Teams Phone System and JDC’s LandTel PBX, JDC’s LandTel PBX, enabling all employees to continue to call one another via extension dialing.

Once the migration was completed for all regional offices the corporate HQ users then were migrated to Teams Phone System – which included replacing the expensive LandTel Contact Center with Altigen’s Cloud Contact Center solution. JDC now enjoys all of the benefits of Teams, with a complete Cloud communications solution, all fully supported by Altigen.

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